"The Beem Fence Company is your trusted and experienced
high fence contractor and fence equipment dealer."
The Beem Team has installed over 2000 miles of 2' to 10' fence throughout the United States for over 20 years. The fence installation service team installs the fence, fabricates the gates and fully understands the State regulations they are working in. Call the Beem Team to have your fence professionally installed. The Beem Fence Company is now offering their high quality fence installation equipment available for purchase.

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"The Beem Fence Company is your trusted and experienced fence installer and fence equipment dealer."

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The PostPounder quickly demonstrates on it's own why it's hands-free set, even weight distribution, and tilt positioning features for steel or wood posts sets it apart from other similar products on the market. The main chamber has been designed to handle steel and wood posts up to 18 foot. Extensions are provided to drive posts from 8 foot to 18 foot - safely and securely. View our video above to fully see the benefits.

Quick Installation
In typical soil conditions the PostPounder allows you to quickly install up to 40 posts per hour.

With experience of driving over 300,000 posts, we know that you may have special needs in weight and height; we can custom build your PostPounder to fit your needs.

Hands Free Set
The PostPounder has been specially designed with safety in mind, with hydraulic controls giving you hands-free driving capability once the post is in the chamber. No hands or fingers need to hold onto the post once it’s set into the chamber.

Even Weight Distribution To 18’
The PostPounder has weight distributed throughout the main chamber so it’s not top heavy, enabling you to set posts in adverse conditions.

Four-Way Tilt Positioning
The PostPounders tilt positioning — front, back, left and right - offers four-way tilt capability in adverse conditions for setting a straight fence line.

The four-way tilt positioning can be used to slightly bend the posts above ground for that picture perfect straight fence line. Steel Or Wood Posts
The main chamber has been designed to handle steel and wood posts up to 18’.

Safety Features
Safety features of the PostPounder are in it's hydraulic controls, offering hands-free driving and four-way tilt positioning capabilities.

5 Year Warranty
We feel so strongly about the quality of our products and how they have proven themselves in the field that we offer a 5 year warranty on the hydraulics and main shell.