"The Beem Fence Company is your trusted and experienced
high fence contractor and fence equipment dealer."
The Beem Team has installed over 2000 miles of 2' to 10' fence throughout the United States for over 20 years. The fence installation service team installs the fence, fabricates the gates and fully understands the State regulations they are working in. Call the Beem Team to have your fence professionally installed. The Beem Fence Company is now offering their high quality fence installation equipment available for purchase.

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"The Beem Fence Company is your trusted and experienced fence installer and fence equipment dealer."

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StretchMaster FAQ’s

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Note: Windows Media Player video. If you prefer, Contact Us and request a DVD of our video be sent to you.

The StretchMaster allows for hands free loading of woven and barbed wire fence for 4’ to 10’ fence projects. It’s patented and field proven design reduces labor and time for new or quick-fix fence projects.

StretchMaster’s light weight enables you to use most small farm front end loaders and bobcats. The hydraulic controls for loading and crimping provides you a no maintenance, easy to use, piece of equipment with a 5 year warranty.

Quick Installation
The StretchMaster versatility and simple design allows you to quickly install a mile of fence per day, simultaneously using two crews, one to set a new roll of fence, and the other to secure the fence to the posts at the same time - saving time and labor.

Two-way Hands Free Fence Loading
The StretchMaster hydraulic system allows the positioning pole to load on either side, offering you additional flexibility during installation. (See video for demonstration.)

Multiple Woven Heights
The StretchMaster main pole has been carefully designed to allow for 6', 8' and 10' quick-change attachments. So you don't have to take that 8' tall pole to an installation job, making it lighter and easier to maneuver on typical and adverse site conditions.

Barbed And Single Strand Wire
A pole attachment has been specially designed for barbed and single strand wire, whether you are installing 5 strands of barbed or just a single strand, you don't have to wrestle with the barbed wire roll any longer. Simply load it onto this attachment and get to work quick and safely. (see photo)

Light Weight
We’ve put our welding and designers to the test and taken out as much steel as possible without jeopardizing the strength and integrity offering the StretchMaster at 1100-1300 pounds depending on which attachment is being used.

Extra Fence Holder
On many jobs you have the need to take 2-3 extra rolls of wire with you and the StretchMaster offers a de­tachable fence holder so you can use it or leave it at the shop – what ever you prefer. (see photo)

Field Proven
For the past 10 years the StretchMaster had been in continuous development having successfully installed over 1000 miles of fence throughout the US. Now it's available to you as is or with some custom modifications as needed.

The patented design offers not only hydraulic easy to use controls, but we've enclosed these controls to offer additional safety features. Notice the top of the StretchMaster and how there is very little to get hung up on trees or other debris you may encounter on a job. (see photo)

No Maintenance, Easy To Use, 5 Year Warranty
The StretchMasters enclosed hydraulic controls and simple tower design provides a no maintenance, easy to use piece of equipment with a 5 year warranty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
With over 1000 miles of fence installed around the US with our equipment, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the purchase of a StretchMaster